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DIMENSIONS 550 * 180 * 70mm
LED CHIP MARK BRIGELUX 45ilm * 45ilm, 100-110 lm / W

LED street lamp lighting


LED street lamp is used as a substitute for regular street lamps commonly used. The lamp can be installed on any type of streets, public squares and outdoor enclosures requiring public street lighting.

Ray of light makes possible high-intensity illumination without disturbing the effect of blindness.

Lamp housing design requires no maintenance due to channel designed with holes in the rain and wind vertical inpiedica deposit green waste and dust particles, thereby cooling performance and achieving optimal conditions required for a long life of LEDs.

Street lamp in comparison with traditional lamp and light distribution is 2 to 3 times higher than the lamps mentioned. LED under the same conditions about 90% energy saving.


Characteristics of street lamps with LED


1.Design revoluionar photometrically with a lens that makes it possible to reflect the controlled reflection on the soil surface and thus can be controlled very precisely. It can be particularly evident on the soil surface brightness.

2.Prin integrated lens design and compact method of construction not only reduces weight, but this method of construction makes it possible and not to lose or not to duplicate the light. Also, you can highlight and simple structure of the product.

3.Designul case gives the optimal heat and protects the LED elements very efficiently. (See picture).

4.Controlul intelligent current flow. LED lamp maintenance of constant current flow, independent of any influences. However, it is recommended to maintain required voltage and current strength.

5.Nu no glare that distracts. Glare of street lamps and their effect on traffic participants is unknown. Accidents can be avoided if drivers are not distracted from traffic by blindness. LEDs do not have glare of regular lamps.

6.Nu no "light pollution". The main criterion to illuminate a street is not to illuminate their homes but residents and the street. LED lights are designed only for the area and not the surrounding.

7. There is no pollution of high voltage. Lamp operates at high voltage ordinary attract dirt and lamp lenses darken in time.

8. There are high temperatures. The development of heat by conventional lamps. lenses often become yellow and lose power to radiation. This reduces the life span, as well as by changing the voltage to a current change + / - 7% damage while producing lamps. Not applicable to LED street lamps. Here is mentioned and that a voltage swing of + / - 20% has no effect on LED street lamps.

9. LED street lamps have the advantage of our start as soon as current is turned on. There is no waiting time. There is no flickering and no flashes of the lamps.

10. Enormous economic power. In connection with a power supply to effect energy saving LED street lamps can generate energy savings of between 50 and 90%.

11.Durata long life. Our LED lamps streets have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours (10 hours of operation per day, this is 13 years) and thus have a lifespan of five to 10 times higher than ordinary lamps.

12.Protecia environment. LED street lamps do not contain any sodium or lead. The materials are recyclable.

13. The perfect combination of alternative energies. To improve further the drive, LED street lamp can work and for example solar energy. And a combination of current and classic obtaining solar energy is possible.

14.Factor great lighting. Efficiency of LED lamps is currently about 150 lm / W. When changing a 400 W sodium lamp uses an LED lamp of 100 W. In this case the brightness corresponds to 300 lm / W.



Unilateral effect of the settlement

1: Model: SL2

2: Power Consumption: 80W

3: Height of lamp: 6 mt

4: Distance between lamp poles: 15 mt

5: Angle lamp 10 to 15 degrees

6: Street Width: 7 mt (two bands)

7: Arm length: 1.5 - 2mt